How To: Be a Basic B*tch During Fall

22404064_10154771390636470_1126966821_oSOOO if it will ever cool down in Georgia and we actually get to experience FALL… life would be perfect right now for all of you basic b*tches pulling out your booties and flannels. It’s still 80 degrees in ATL people, but I’m right there with all of you! Fall, sweet fall. My first true love and all time favorite season. I LOVED YOU FIRST.

Growing up in north Georgia, we always had the coolest weather and BEST leaf change. I had to deal with traffic in my home town when all the “leaf lookers” came in! Now I understand from living in the city for so long and can emotionally accept that I’m now a leaf looker and I’M PROUD. I love going to visit with my boyfriend and friends!

Here are a few of my favorite spots for dates, friend outings or weekend getaways with whoever you want to spend time with for fall!

First, find a boyfriend, girlfriend or some friends, then grab a PSL from Starbucks, put on a great Spotify playlist and GO.

Here’s a fun day for fall that’s a close”ish” spot for a pumpkin patch in ATL…. Berry Patch Farms located in Woodstock, GA–there’s a ton of parking and it’s a cute little place no too far the city. You have to walk or take a hay ride to the pumpkin patch that’s in a separate field from the little “town” they have set up with snacks and drinks.

After you take all the pictures in the world and get your pumpkins–head over to Canton Street for some dinner+drinks at 1920 Tavern in Roswell!

If you’re already making the trek to Woodstock and are really feeling fall, and you love wine and fireplaces, then make a pit stop over to Cartecay Vineyards in Ellijay, GA.


Very quaint spot with a large outdoor space in front of this gorgeous fireplace. They have cute wine glasses with this fireplace on it for purchase, are dog friendly and have live music. Definitely a must!

Next stop! Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Parking is chaos because it’s literally off the side of the road, but it’s worth it. You 100% have to eat the apple cider doughnuts along with some apple cider. Trust me, you will thank me later. You can do the hay ride situation or walk through the fields to see the apples!

I mean look at how much fun we’re having–go pick em’!


Another great pumpkin patch that would call for maybe a weekend or long day trip is at Burt’s Pumpkin Patch in Dawsonville, Georgia. This place is a little up there–but it’s a well-known and fun time. There are kids so BEWARE. They have awesome picturesque moments, a ton of pumpkins and great apple cider. Best photos of the day BELOW!

If you make the trip up there for either the day or to spend a whole weekend in a cabin, you have to go see Amicalola State Park. Beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, etc. Pack your walking shoes, those stairs are intense–all 600 and something of them!

If you’ve seen all of these basic b*tches wearing cute fall attire and feel left out, then make a trip to the North Georgia Outlets and hit up Chik-fil-A on your way home.

Hope ya’ll have a great fall 🙂




The Things I Do for the Perfect Picture…

Long before I began my blog I always took a million pictures of my food, of brick walls, trees and my travels–obviously I still do. Whether it’s something I  saw while driving, on vacation, or something I made or ordered–you will see it. I don’t post shitty photos. I work really hard getting the right angle or right lighting. When cooking at home, I have to place my food just right for my photo. I wipe off the excess residue from the main course that spilled out to the middle of the plate before it soils the vegetables and makes my plate look dirty. Can’t have my masterpiece lookin’ a mess! These photos are for me–I really do go back and look at what I made for inspiration for myself or to share with others. It’s a large part of why I wanted to start a blog–to share my adventures, recipes, food spots and fun secrets.

The downside to getting the “perfect” picture is the process leading up to it, but it’s oh so satisfying. At home I just have to worry about my food getting cold, and my boyfriend getting annoyed with me because he waits on me to eat. He knows the drill now after two years to just start without me! Food pictures I’ve pretty much mastered, but when traveling I’m the worst with sight seeing pictures. The worst I mean by–it’s an ordeal. I’ve laid down in streets when there was oncoming traffic coming towards me to get the cool street few of puddles on a cobble stone street in Edinburgh. I’ve caused a line at the San Francisco bridge because I wanted the PERFECT cute kissing photo. I’ve been in situations where strangers think I’m taking a photo of them when I’m not and that’s so embarrassing/stressful. I’ve held my ice cream cone for so long that it’s dripped all down my arm to my shoes. I’ve also waited in line to take a photo in the basic spot that everyone else does at a festival like Austin City Limits or on the roof at Nine Mile Station at Ponce City Market of the skyline. Selfies are the hardest…I don’t post them often, but when I do it’s an event–just see below.


^Me trying to get the perfect photo of my new balayage hair…LOL.

I’m not a model or genetically set. I like to think I’m somewhat photogenic, but we all have our “sides” or angles that we prefer when being documented. I have no shame admitting it. If you like to take photos–do it and share them with the world! BUT remember there is a time and a place for everything. A selfie a day is excessive. I’m more into taking photos of things and of others. and I love seeing other people’s perspectives of the same places I eat or locations I travel to. Pictures help us remember things and they take us back to a time that we can no longer be in and they take us back to places that we may never get to see again. From my perspective photos have so much meaning from the sense that remind you something you may have done, wish you had done or said at that time. By having a photo of that moment, you can reflect on it. I did not major in History, but photography has been around since sometime around the 1800s (I looked it up on Wiki). Back then, it was mostly for commercial use. Now in 2017, it’s so accessible for anyone to take photos and share them with the world. How cool is that? Remember when we had to upload photos from a camera–how archaic?! What I’m getting at in the end of all of this is that photos are the gateway of our memories. Good or bad. It’s a great way to connect with people from the past, present and those you meet in the future. That’s why I take so many damn pictures.

The things I do for the perfect picture. It’s always worth it.


Farmer’s Market Feels

Growing up in the small town of Blairsville in the mountains of North Georgia, I had access to all of nature’s fruitful offerings. My mother has quite the green thumb so there was no shortage of tomatoes, green beans, zucchini or squash in our home. Even with 9 mouths to feed. Yes, NINE. That excludes my father, who wasn’t interested into vegetables at that time in his life–those are two completely different stories that I’m not getting into today… another time!

For now I’ll share my farmer’s market finds with you. The Ponce City Market Farmer’s Market takes place every Tuesday in the Shed off the BeltLine from 4pm-8pm. I always see it, but am usually going for a run, or day drinking, but today I decided to stop by and even dragged my boyfriend along. Excited to see some homegrown options from nearby farmers and some stuff not to far from where I grew up. I of course stopped to smell the wild flowers and pet a few dogs, and purchased some peaches and a jar of raspberry pepper jelly. Successful day. Below are some photos from mt finds! Click on the photos to be redirected to the farmer’s market page and the websites where I got the goods. Shop local people and get outside!

IMG_4430Ponce City Market Farmer’s Market

IMG_4428Bountiful floras: Levity Farms

IMG_4429Perky peaches: Pearson Farm

IMG_4432IMG_4431Baked Goods: Proof Bakeshop

Are you drooling? 🙂


Hello, it’s me.

So here’s a little more about me and my plan for this blog. I’m Erin, and I’m going to share my life with you. Past, present and future. Whatever I feel like sharing really. Get ready for rants, questions, answers and photos of food, drinks and travels. I’ll throw a few previous blog posts out there that were during my transitioning or “troubled teen” years. Growing up isn’t the same for everyone. Some have it easy and some have it hard–and most of those that think they have it hard really have it better than most people and vice versa. That’s one thing I’m still learning with age is understanding people. Everyone comes from different backgrounds. Some people grow up with parents or grandparents and some grow up with strangers in an orphanage. Some people have dark pasts who moved homes every year and some people graduated from college and still have their bedroom in their childhood home. I’m a different breed. I come from a past that’s not too dark, but not too light. 

You’ll learn about me soon enough.

cropped-011821-pma-258-e1500433250375^Yeah, that’s me. A drink in my hand and singing terribly–pretty standard.

 So I’ve been writing for over 10 years, but I’ve keep it to myself for the most part–only disclosing a few things here and there with close friends. I write because it feels good and I run because it feels good (believe it or not). I’ve always thought that writing and running were my two escapes from the business of life. Somehow running hasn’t been the problem keeping up with over the years, it’s been writing. I realized the reason for that is that I used to only write when I felt alone or depressed. Now who wants to read that? Not me and not YOU. So welcome to my blank canvas that I will fill with my life and those in it. Enjoy the show.

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