Choices. We make them, all of us–and we will continue to make them all of our lives. The thing about choices is that they are your own and are a reflection of who you are. When making choices we are constantly under different circumstances like high pressure for instance. Whether it’s from family members or friends, your professor or an intimate moment you find yourself in. No matter the circumstance you find yourself under, you have to think for the long term. You have to take control and think about how and who  this will affect and how long  you/they have to deal with it. It’s a fine line and so many of us cross it–myself included. I’m not perfect. I’ve definitely had my fair share of mistakes, but I’ve learned over the years to not only think of myself but to think of others. I’ve also thought about the long term affects.


I feel too much. That’s my problem. I want everything to be perfect. Whether it’s a relationship or an event I’m planning. It’s unrealistic. You have to pick your battles in life and move forward and grow from mistakes. OWN IT. Especially in work situations. The more upfront and honest you are, the more people will respect you. Be yourself and be a little selfish. At the end of the day all you have is yourself so you better be certain that you like who you are and where you’re going.

That’s my Monday night rant everyone. Wine and emotions were involved–hope you enjoyed.




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